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Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

One more month of deployment has past.  Honestly it feels like this deployment has flown by, which I’m very thankful for.  But I know that these last few weeks are going to drag on just because I’m excited for his homecoming. Entry: Hey Honey! Today you’ve been gone for exactly 6 months.  And a long… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

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Half Marathon Training: Weeks 6-7

Monday: Off Tuesday: 4 Mile Tempo Run I ran one mile fast, one slow, then another fast, and finished up nice and slow. Wednesday: Cross Training -Boxing Unfortunately, during this class my gloves decided to fall apart.  I either punch way too hard, or my glove had a defect in the stitching.  I took it… Continue reading Half Marathon Training: Weeks 6-7

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Valentine Care Package

Alright, I’ll admit, this box is the first one I’m sending later than I planned (the goal is always to get them in the mail before the first of the month), but hopefully the theme will make up for that fact. This month’s care package stumped me.  I mean, I searched Instagram profiles, Pinterest pins,… Continue reading Valentine Care Package

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Half Marathon Training -Weeks 3-5

I’ll admit, this running thing is tough… especially when life seems to get in the way.  These two weeks I have battled sickness, and adjusting to the demands of my first real-job (and student teaching).  It’s been a long 2 weeks, where I didn’t have (or make) the necessary time to run.  I’m going to… Continue reading Half Marathon Training -Weeks 3-5

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Half Marathon Training: Week Two

Monday: Rest Tuesday: 3 Miles Today a huge snowstorm dumped 10+ inches of snow on our roads, so after work, I just wanted to get home safely.  Luckily, when this is the case, I do have a treadmill at home that I can use.  However, said treadmill is honestly from 2001 (maybe earlier?) so it… Continue reading Half Marathon Training: Week Two