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Every Love Story Starts Somewhere…

Imagine this, way back in the pubescent years of middle school, you were in an 8th grade English course forced to sit in rows alphabetically.  Having a “B” last name, you are always near the front.  Sitting kitty-corner from you, is this strange kid who just stares at you… for what feels like the entire class!  You know his name, but don’t associate with him because that would forgo your social standing in the popularity race.

Now 7 years later, way past the middle school years (thank goodness!) I am so glad to call that “strange kid” my boyfriend!

We knew of each other in middle school, but unfortunately that scene above was all I remember of him during those years. But who cares anyway, we’re much better people now!

Surprisingly, we reconnected with a game of TriviaCrack (yes, that silly trivia app).  Since we were Facebook friends, that app suggested we play a game against each other and we started chatting soon after.  We then took it a step farther and started betting on games for things like Snapchat contacts and finally phone numbers so we could just text.  We ended up texting until the wee hours of the morning, and finally made plans to remeet in person (as we call it).  

He is now a sailor in the Navy and I’m currently a college student -so before remeeting him, I knew what I could potentially be getting myself into.

We went out for coffee, and spent a good 5 hours talking and catching up!   He made me laugh like crazy, and he looked great in his leather jacket!  So we made plans for a movie date the following day.

The last day he was home on leave, is still one of my favorite days to replay in my mind…  It was new years day 2015 (great way to start off the new year by the way), and we decided to go out for breakfast, he picked me up and I didn’t get back home until around 10 in the evening (sorry mom!).  In that time, we did just about anything one could possibly do in the city on a holiday… we had breakfast at a local diner, walked the downtown area, played a few games of bowling, got coffee and drank that while playing a game of chess, went star-gazing, and of course got a New Year’s kiss!

Unfortunately, that was his last day home until his next planned visit in March.  So we agreed to use those few months as a “trial period” to see if this was going to work…

10 months later, we have been happily together (in heart) ever since!  

How did your long distance love story start?


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