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A Day in the Life of a Military (pre)Wife


Many people often wonder what it’s like being in a military relationship, so I will gladly shed some light on the topic.

Here is an example of a typical day in my life as a Navy girlfriend:

As a current college student, I begin my day around 8, and since where I live is 4 hours ahead of where my Love lives, I am always the one to send the “Good Morning” text.  I usually hear from him around 11 am, where he replies, wishing me a wonderful day, and we have a very brief conversation before he heads off to work for the day.

I go to my classes as scheduled and any other appointments or meetings I may have.  Meanwhile, sending him cute texts and snaps throughout the day to remind him that I love him… He replies when he can and I understand that he is a busy person.  One of the most important parts of maintaining a military relationship is understanding that we are each busy in our own lives.

When my school day is done, he is usually still working (with the exception of my few evening classes throughout the week).  So I usually don’t hear from him until around 8 in the evening.  But then, there is finally enough time where we can have a full conversation and fill each other in on all the events of our days!  Some evenings we call, or video chat which is always a nice treat!  Technology definitely proves to be very useful for our relationship.

Towards the end of the evening, I have to spend precious time working on homework, but just as I understand he is busy during his work day, he understands that I am busy during my evenings.  He gives me all the time I need to finish assignments, and I am very appreciative of his patience.

We end the night with more texting, or a phone call, never forgetting the “Sweet dreams” and “I love you”s.

Then, we get to do it all over again the next day…

Some days do differ of course, not every day is the same.  We get to talk much more on the weekends,  and days that he gets off of work early.  But on the other hand, when he is actually out to sea, we don’t get to discuss nearly as often as usual.  But we prepare for those times as best we can, with lengthy phone calls and plenty of pictures of each other before he leaves port.

I know some people could not even imagine living day-to-day like this.  Constantly checking your phone, not seeing or feeling his presence in person for months at a time, and even the idea of being thousands of miles apart is too much for some to bear.  However, in my next post, I will discuss the pros to dating through the distance because it is always good to stay positive in a situation such as this.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, what helps you get through the day with your loved one afar?


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