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Pros to Dating From a Distance


In a long distance relationship, it is incredibly easy to get caught up with the negatives of the situation we are in.

So I challenge you all, to take a moment and break away from those thoughts that we are so often overwhelmed with, and think about the positive aspects to this situation that we choose to be a part of.

A few of my “Pros” include:

  • “Me Time” all the time
    • I have time to do what I please.  I can bake, watch TV, read, hang out with my roommates, etc… All without cutting into time that would be spent with him if he were here.   Every day I try to do something to help me relax and unwind from the school/work day, which ultimately keeps my stress levels down, and allows me to continue being a wonderful Navy girlfriend.
  • Time for Homework
    • As a junior in college, one of my top priorities is maintaining my GPA.  Being in a long distance relationship allows me to do just that.  I don’t have to worry about maintaining a social life, so instead I focus all of my energy on doing well in my courses.  This semester has been especially rough since I am taking a full 18 credits, but luckily for me, my Love is very understanding when I tell him I have to do homework.
  • No Shave (Insert Month Here)
    • Let’s be real… I will be the first to admit that I hate shaving.  Of course I do it when I need to, but with my Love stationed elsewhere, I don’t need to.  It’s just a hassle that I don’t feel is necessary since no one else will be feeling up my legs while he’s away.  By not shaving, I am also saving money of razors and shaving cream (It’s a double win!).
  • New Hobbies (Like Blogging!)
    • With my free-time, I have been able to enjoy new hobbies.  This blog is an example of one, but I’ve also taken up reading a book each month, and painting  when I can.  It’s nice to have time to do such activities.
  • It Makes our Relationship Stronger
    • When we are reunited, we can easily pick up where we left off.  The time spent with one another is never taken for granted because we cherish it so much when we’re apart.  My Love was home on leave in October, this time was spent wonderfully  since we hadn’t seen each other in 6 months.  After every visit home, the feelings only get stronger between us and we know we can’t let distance win.

What are some positives to your dating through the distance experience?


2 thoughts on “Pros to Dating From a Distance

  1. I like that you mention No Shave (insert whaever month here). made me giggle. I hate shaving my legs as well. I only do so when i wear shorts or a skirt/dress. And waxing hurts and takes a lot of effort to do at home.

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