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But Baby It’s Cold Outside!


In the dead of December, most days all I want to do is cuddle up with my Love and use our body heat to keep warm.  The only problem with that is that my Love is a bazillion miles away…  Which leaves me cold, cranky, and missing him like crazy.

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned to keep warm when I’m missing him:

  • Wear His Sweatshirt
    • On his last visit, my Love gave me one of his sweatshirts.  I wear it quite a bit when I’m missing him.  It’s comfy, reminds me of him, warm, and makes him feel a little bit closer.
  • Drink Hot Tea
    • I never drank tea, but one time when I was starting to get a little sick, my Love  made me a hot cup of tea.  Now, whenever I miss him, I make myself a cup just like he did.  Brings me back to that memory and I am reminded of how much he cares for me.
  • Take a Bath
    • I am a bathing Queen! I love taking baths!  They are so warm and relaxing.  I bathe almost every night (not to get clean, just to relax).  Adding bubbles or essential oils can make it even better!
  • Work up a Sweat
    • A surefire way to get warm and hot would be to do a little workout of your choice.   I use a few apps on my phone that give me workouts or let me create my own custom workouts depending on what I am specifically looking to tone.  Something as short as a 20 minute workout can get you warm and looking fine for your loved one afar.
  •  Cuddle with Pets
    • I share my apartment with my two pet rabbits, Nori and Nessie.  Rabbits aren’t the most cuddly creatures, they’re quite sassy actually.  But they’ll cuddle with me if I really need them to (or if I have treats).

How do you keep warm without your loved one?


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