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Eeeek Finals Week!


As you know, I am a 3rd year college student.  My major is Elementary Education and my minor is English.  Here a few study tips I have learned over the years to ensure success during finals week…

Stay healthy.  Eat well, and get as much sleep as possible.  Work out to relieve some stress if you have to.  Otherwise, adding more stress can come with health issues.  And health issues lead to not being able to complete tasks or exams, or completing them, but not to the best of your ability.  Simply, stay healthy!

Don’t procrastinate.  I currently have 3 papers to write for my English courses, however, I am blogging instead… Don’t be like me! This will catch up with me later.  More specifically, when I am struggling to write those papers this weekend and turn them in on time.

Study.  I use my lecture notes, class PowerPoints, and any other materials that I can find to study.  I also like to use the StudyBlue and Quizlet apps on my phone for practice quizzes and flashcards.

Stay Organized.  I have friends who have actually missed exams altogether because they forgot them, or wrote down the wrong time and showed up late.  Be organized! Check (and double check) your finals schedule so that you know where and when you have exams.

I also want to thank my Love for being so great during this chaotic week. Not only is it finals week, but I am also battling a cold, and good ol’ Aunt Flo.  My Love has been his usual sweet self, but I especially appreciate his supportive and understanding attitude.  He makes this week bearable because it’s one more week (and semester) closer to a future with him!


What are some ways you make it through finals week?



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