Christmas 2015 · Distance · Long Distance Relationship · Missing Him

All I Want for Christmas is Him…


I am currently sitting across from the fireplace, stockings hung, and a hot cappuccino in my hand.  I can only wish that my Love was home for the holidays to celebrate this year, but wishing unfortunately doesn’t make it true.  I miss him like crazy because it was around this time last year that we began talking in the first place.

Truth be told, my Love came into my life at the perfect moment last year. It was as if fate worked in our favor and made us play that stupid TriviaCrack game when we did.  I had recently been dumped, and my Love presented himself at the most opportune time.  He quite literally picked up the broken pieces of my heart and stitched them back together with his sincerity, kindness, and cheesy pick-up lines.

This holiday season has been exceptionally difficult.  ‘Tis the season of cheer, but the one who makes me cheerful is miles away.  I miss him so much.  But I am trying to stay positive by looking forward to when we will be able to celebrate Christmas together.   I can’t wait to make our own holiday traditions and memories wherever life takes us.


Happy Holidays to You and Yours!


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