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How to Stay Motivated

Towards the end of last semester, I was starting to fall into a slump.  It was hard to stay motivated and engaged in my coursework and extra-curricular activities.  Somehow, I managed to make it through finals week and was able to enjoy a 2 week break for the holidays.  But then of course, I registered for a winterim course…  1st semester was hard enough, and I voluntarily decided to come in during winter break to earn another 3 credits?!? I surely must be crazy!

But then, I remembered what my true motivation is, and why it is important for me to focus on my studies now and take the extra classes while I can… It’s my Love.  He motivates me without even trying.  By taking courses during the summer and winterim, I will be able to graduate sooner, which ultimately means we will be able to begin our life together sooner.

So even though these classes are a pain, it’s my Love that keeps me going.  Every class (even during winterim), is one more step toward our future together.


What are some ways you stay motivated?


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