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What it’s like to Spend your One Year Anniversary Alone


I am very happy to be able to say that my Love and I have been successful in finding happiness despite the distance between us for an entire year now!  However, I am not so happy to be spending our first real anniversary apart.

When I sent his Christmas care package, I knew we weren’t going to be able to celebrate our anniversary together, so I included a gift card to Starbucks in that package specifically for our anniversary.   I figured that if we can’t spend the holiday together, we could at least both spend it at the place where it all began.  Here’s the little note I included:

“Even though we don’t get to celebrate our anniversary together this year, we can at least celebrate it where it all began.  Meet me at a Starbucks near you on January 16th, 2016!”

So now, I am writing from a corner table in my local Starbucks…

We were able to chat on the phone to celebrate but it still isn’t the same as being able to spend our anniversary in each other’s arms.

Instead of continuing to feel bummed out, I took this time apart to reflect on the year that we’ve had together.  We have made so many great memories in this short year!  We traveled to Chicago, and Minneapolis, but also got to spend plenty of time in our hometown.  With each visit, we got to know each other’s quirks, made memories that will last a lifetime, and grew closer to one another.  We also had to put our love to the ultimate test through a short Deployment, but now, our love is Deployment Strong!  I’d say it was a pretty great year!

As another reflection, I wanted to get my Love’s perspective on the year we had, and any improvements he would like to make in the coming years… Below are my questions (taken from a Review Game), my Love’s answers, my answers, and then any commentary that I feel is necessary to understand our answers.

  1. How would you as a couple like to strengthen our relationship?
    • His Answer:  “Honestly, just spending more time together.”
    • My Answer:  “I agree with you there, so my answer is time as well.”
      • I think this is something anyone in an LDR or a military relationship can relate to…
  2. What’s one thing this year that you wish you could’ve done better? 
    • His Answer:  “I wish I had the opportunity to send you more presents.”
    • My Answer:  “I wish our schedules/time zone differences didn’t conflict so much.  Being able to talk without sleep depriving each other would be better.”
      • My Love and I have a 4 hour time difference!  Which means that I wake up earlier, and go to bed sooner.  In between sleeps, we’re both at work (or school for me) so the time we get to chat is usually down to break times, in between classes, or a few hours before I go to bed.
  3. Where do you see us by this time next year?
    • His Answer:  “Married.”
    • My Answer:  “Married as well, enjoying every minute of it!”
      • We’ve been discussing marriage quite a bit lately, but more on this later…  🙂
  4. What’s your favorite memory we’ve made this year? 
    • His Answer:  “The homeless guy in Chicago telling me I have a beautiful wife.”
    • My Answer:  “I really enjoyed cooking and baking with you.  It’s a memory that we’ll be able to make over and over again in our own home someday.”
      • I totally forgot about the homeless man in Chicago who made that comment to us.  But that really did happen, it made us both feel pretty good!  🙂
  5. What little things did you most enjoy about our relationship this year?
    • His Answer:  “Just the moments of hand holding and kissing before getting out of the car.”
    • My Answer:  “When we’re together, hand holding and kissing is great.  But when we aren’t, I really enjoy the little sweet texts to remind each other that we are thinking of each other.  The littlest of things, but still incredibly meaningful.”
      • For us, it’s the littlest things that mean the most.


Even though we weren’t able to celebrate our first anniversary together, it gives me hope knowing that we have many more memories to make and will be able to celebrate anniversaries together in the future.  All this waiting will be worth it!


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