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Home is Wherever I’m with You!

I made this sign for me and my Love’s future home together!

With the upcoming holiday meant to be spent with my Love doing what lovers do, it has been hard to feel particularly festive.  In fact, both my Love and I have been feeling a little lonely.  Many holidays are spent at home, surrounded by friends and family, but there always seems to be something missing.  Someone actually.  My Love and I have yet to be able to spend a single holiday together.  We have had a few short visits, but none of them were over any holidays.  Not even our anniversaries.  I know, it’s tragic.

However, during those visits,  no matter which state we were in, one thing was for certain…  It felt like home.  Being in his arms, being the passenger as he drove, being tangled up in bed next to him, all these things felt like home.  No matter what we did or where we went, being with him was Home.  This solidified the idea that, “Home is wherever we’re together”.

Now, as we anticipate spending one more holiday alone this Valentine’s Day, I look back on all the memories we have made, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois and I can’t help but be happy.  Most of our memories were not at “Home”, but they felt right at home because we were together.

Someday, no matter where the Navy takes us, we’ll be home as long as we’re together.

Together is where I want to be.


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