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One Day Closer!

After spending our second Valentine’s Day separated by roughly 4000+ miles, I needed to focus on the positives!

Since day 1 with my Love, I have had a handy countdown app on my phone.  I add in the dates we’re counting down to and then place the widget on my phone’s home screen.  So every time I look at my phone it is a reminder that I will see him again!

The app I use is, “Dreamdays 365”.  But there are many other countdown apps if you do a quick search in your app store.  

 As you can see, this past weekend was quite a big deal because we made it to the double digits!!!  Less than 100 days to go before we see each other!  Now of course, my Love still needs to get his leave approved (just one more obstacle) but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  Regardless, in the meantime I’m going to celebrate this little occasion.

Every day is one day closer to seeing my love, jumping into his arms and hugging him, kissing him, holding his hand, talking to him in person, cuddling with him, sleeping alongside him, and spending precious time with him.  All the things that I live for and can only crave while he’s away.

The Next Adventure: T Minus 97 Days!


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