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Supporting my Sailor!

wp-1460335386554.jpegAs any MilSO should, I am always looking for ways to support my Sailor from afar.  I decided that after a year, it was time to invest in some sort of apparel.  I also love Etsy, so I started there.  It’s definitely not difficult to find Navy Girlfriend apparel, but to me Girlfriend is a temporary term.  I don’t want to purchase anything with that word on it, because eventually I will be a Navy Fiance and then Wife, and I want supportive wear that will last me through all of those transitions.

I finally decided to purchase hair bows from Patriotic Bows.  I loved the amount of variety that this specific Etsy shop offered.  There were customization options which included: fabric pattern, size, embroidery, thread color, and center embellishments.  I ended up purchasing 4 bows (3 hair bows, and 1 bow keychain).  The total price was $50 (including shipping).  But I was purchasing homemade products, so that price ($42) was pretty reasonable (however, I wasn’t a fan of the $8 shipping!).


The biggest downfall with my purchase was that it took a month and a half to find its way to me!  I track packages religiously when I purchase something online, so when the Etsy shop owner updated my purchase to “Shipped” I started tracking it.  Only to find that it hadn’t actually shipped.  I messaged the shop owner about this, and she explained that she would get it out the following Monday.  So, I started tracking it again on Monday -only to find the same thing, she hadn’t actually shipped my package yet!  I messaged her one more time, and she offered to throw in a free bow (but I declined because that didn’t seem fair).  She finally shipped my order and I received it shortly after!  Still a month and a half was a long time to wait!

Also, $8 shipping seems a bit outrageous!

In the end though, I am very happy with my products.  My embroidery, and other customization options were all correct.  Patriotic Bows made high quality products that I am excited to show off!  I hung the keychain bow in my car (from my rear-view mirror), and have gotten many compliments on the bows when I wear them in my hair!

All images in this post are from Patriotic Bows.
*This is in no way sponsored.  I just love supporting MilSO made companies!*

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