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Memory Monday!


Last week, I had a little time to reflect on me and my Love’s relationship.  I thought of all the sweet memories we have made, but one memory specifically stuck out for some reason…

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I told my Love that I loved him for the first time.   I finally realized why this was on my mind so much…  It was around this time last year that I finally worked up the nerve to say that special 4 letter word.

My Love dropped the L-bomb first, and I really really wanted to say it back to him when he did.  But another part of me also wanted to wait so that I could say it to him in person… oh the struggles of the beginning of a long distance relationship.

So I compromised, and I sent him a telegram…  Yes, you read that correctly.  A telegram.  Did you even know telegrams are still a thing?  I didn’t either.  But with Pinterest’s help, I found Telegram Stop, a service that will send a personal telegram to any address for around $7.

Why on earth would I send my Love a telegram?!?  The better question is why not!  It was a creative way to write him a sweet message.  Since, the “L word” is a big deal, I wanted it to be special.  A telegram would be memorable for both of us.

Here’s how it turned out:


Of course, when he received it, my Love was completely elated! And he still has the telegram to this day!

So if you’re looking for a creative way to write to your loved ones, send them a telegram!


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