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Mailing Mishap!


My Love will be moving soon, so with that in mind, I made sure to complete and send his birthday care package (blog coming soon) early so he would get it before his ship left port.  I had everything ready and was just about to send it, when my Love told me, “Hey, I need to get you a new address to send me stuff”.  Luckily, I hadn’t sent it yet!  The following day, my Love gave me a new address and I wrote a new label… $20 later, away it went.

That was easy, or so I thought…

As I’ve mentioned before, I track packages religiously.  So I was alarmed to find that my package had made it all the way across the country (to the correct city), only to be, “undeliverable as addressed”.


I used the USPS online tools to attempt to understand why my package was “undeliverable”, but I couldn’t find the root of the problem…  It was time to make the dreaded phone call.  So I started calling the post office that currently had my Love’s package.  I called 5 times.  I waited 2 hours and called 3 more times.  I tried once more and FINALLY got to speak with someone.

I spoke with a kind woman who accused me of “not writing the correct address” (I copied the address exactly how my Love had typed it), and “not putting enough postage on the box” (It was weighed at my post office, it had plenty of postage)… I was getting very frustrated!  I finally just asked her if she would be able to hold the box at that post office, so my Love could pick it up after work.  She reluctantly agreed.  Very reluctantly.  But I was glad she agreed at all.  However, she only gave me a day, which meant that my Love needed to pick the package up from that post office later that day (before they closed), otherwise they would be sending it back to me. In which case, I would have to resend it.

Luckily, my Love got out of work early and was able to pick up his package without any further problems, but this is the second time that I have had issues with USPS.


Is there a better service that I could use?  What postal service do you suggest?


USPS Image From: http://all2door.com/usps-package-tracking/
Return to Sender Image From: http://blog.anchorcomputer.com/index.php/tag/usps-change-of-address/

2 thoughts on “Mailing Mishap!

  1. You said before that you use DHL? I never had trouble with them nor with Fedex. But I found out that the Brazilian mail post has a very good relation with the Royal Mail, in the UK – it cheaper and fast, as well. When Henry sends me things, it’s only DHL, because the customs in Brazil take forever to release the packages. I think every service will have a bad day, though.

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