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21st Birthday Care Package!


My Love just turned 21!  That is a big deal here in the States because 21 is the legal drinking age (so he finally gets to party).  Even though I had that mailing fiasco sending my Love his package, it still made it to him.  Here is a peek inside…

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Balls of Steel

These drink chillers take the place of ice so as not to water a drink down.  The company donates 15% of their proceeds to testicular cancer cure research.  I love companies that give back in some way!


Bullet Bottle Opener

This unique bottle opener is made from a bullet.  The bottle openers are even made in the USA  from American made bullets! (How much more American can you get?)



I found this flask on Etsy (of course), it suits the nautical theme of my Love’s life as a Sailor.  He is very excited to use it!


Countdown Kisses

I made one kiss for each day that we have until we see one another again.  This way, my Love can use them as a way to countdown the days, while getting a reminder of my love!


Portable Energy Charging Device

I was going for practical here, so when I found this at my local T.J. Maxx, I picked it up.  It will come in handy at some point, I’m sure.


Shot Glasses

Also at T.J. Maxx, I found a nice set of 6 shot glasses so that my Love would be able to celebrate with his friends.  (I made sure to bubble wrap each individual glass inside the box, and then bubble wrap the entire box as well.)


I decorated the box with Birthday wrapping paper, and also wrapped each gift individually.

All in all, my Love appreciated everything (as he always does).  Even though we had an issue with the postal service, it was worth it because he will be able to enjoy these gifts for years to come.

Happy Birthday Honey!


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