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Flying Solo Part I


My Love and I are finally making set plans to see each other at the end of my semester!!! This will be my first trip flying out to see him instead of him coming home.  I have flown before but this will also be my first flight alone.  With that being said, I am preparing early to make things go as smoothly as possible.

My first step was to get a plane ticket.  My Love had been searching flights for months so he knew when the best time to purchase was.  When that time came, I used Kayak to do so.  The best deal for my round trip flight was $540.

Once my flight was booked, and things were actually set in stone, I was in search of a carry-on bag and a luggage set.  I was happy to find the perfect carry-on at Goodwill, it was only 5 dollars!!!  (No shame in my thrifting game!)  Luggage was a little harder to find, but I checked my local Target, Walmart, T.J.Maxx, and Gordmans.  I was specifically looking for something that wasn’t black (I wanted it to stand out in the crowd) and something that would be a suitable size for the 10 day trip.  Even though I can pack light, I’m going to need quite a bit for that long of a stay.  I finally found one that met all of those requirements and was also reasonably priced at Gordmans.  It was only $50 (compared to others which were around $80 elsewhere).wp-1459996441945.jpeg

My Love and I have also booked our hotels, and with that, have decided to split the costs pretty fairly.  I paid for my flight and the first hotel we’re staying at, and he is responsible for the rental car and the second hotel we’ll be staying at.

Things are finally coming along, now all I need to do is pass my classes and pack up!


Have you traveled alone before? Any tips or tricks for a Newbie like me?


12 thoughts on “Flying Solo Part I

  1. To distinguish your ligguage from everyone elses I suggest tying a bright colored ribbon to a handle that you can easily see.
    Have fun & put all your important items in your carry on.
    Bring chewing gum, in case your ears pop.

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      1. You are welcome!
        That was definitely suppose to say luggage****
        If you have any important documents, put them altogether in a ziplock bag, helps with organization.
        Do a checklist the night before you leave,so you make sure you have everything.

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      2. Lol!!! I have traveled a bit before my LDR on planes.
        Its crazy to think im in a LDR, yet I dont ever see the airport like most couples. ( He’s 4 hours away, so I just drive)
        The only part that makes me feel that airport feeling when I drop him off at the bus station and I have to kiss him see you later, cause I cant go beyound a certain part.😥

        If you have time, check my blog out.

        Safe Travels.

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    Are you a military girlfriend or wife? are you in a long distance relationship? or can you relate? well even if you arent or dont, then if you appreciate good writing and would also like to learn some cool things, then hop over and check out this blog you’ll thank me.


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