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Traveling on a College Budget


In preparation for my trip to see my Love, I have been trying to save money and cut costs anywhere I can.  Since I’m a full-time college student, I only work about 8 hours per week,  so I don’t have much disposable income currently.  With that said, how on Earth am I going to travel across the country to see the love of my life? Here’s how I’m managing my finances to make it work…

Back to Basics: I am focusing only on necessities and making sacrifices when I can.  This goes for groceries (no, I really don’t need the ice cream), fuel (I can walk to class today), and other frivolous items (I don’t need a new pair of shoes just yet).  It has been difficult to cut back this way, but I know it will be worth it when I get to spend money on our trip.

Side Jobs: Like I said before, since I am only working a little bit, it can be hard to pay my bills and have money leftover to save.  So for extra income, I have taken any babysitting jobs that have been offered to me recently.  This little extra cash helps cover the bills, so I can save more for our trip.

Savings: So far this trip has cost me about $1000.  That includes the flights, and the first hotel stay (my Love is paying for our second hotel stay).  Now, $1000 isn’t just pocket change, but I did take it from my savings account.  Luckily, I have been saving for years with no clear purpose as to what I would spend that money on.   This is the first major thing to come up that I deemed worth the extra money, and obviously seeing my Love will be worth every cent!

Weekly Treat: If any of you follow me on Instagram, you know that Fridays are “Frappuccino Friday”.  It is the one time a week I treat myself to specialty coffee at my local coffee shop.  I haven’t cut this out of by budget yet because it helps me countdown the weeks until I see my Love (so it is a necessity in my eyes).  I look forward to it every week, and it makes it easier to say no to other things by rationalizing that I’ll get coffee on Friday.  I get a few hours to just enjoy caffeine, and be thankful that we’re one week closer.

What are some ways you saved up for an upcoming trip/event?



9 thoughts on “Traveling on a College Budget

  1. Luckily while i am in an ldr, the distance isn’t so far that I need to save hundreds or thousands to see my partner. I usually sign up for updates so I know when my train tickets go on sale so I can hopefully snag some cheap seats! Also having my railcard cuts LOADS off my train fair!

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    1. Train travel is definitely cheaper than flying! My Love was watching the plane tickets for months before he told me it was the best time to buy. And I signed up for updates too, but plane tickets only go up it seems.

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      1. For me, the prices are about the same for both. Most people seem to say you get the cheapest flight tickets last minute when they are trying to get rid of spare seats… how true that is, I don’t know! But it could be something to look into!

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