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What to do When Days Start to Drag | Counting Down with Moments


Luckily, I am about a month away from seeing my Love!  However, it’s at this point where the days just seem to drag on.  So instead of counting down the days like usual, I am going to countdown the moments between now and our

Here’s my list of Moments:

  1. Register for Fall Courses
    • This is the last time I will ever need to register! Student Teaching here I come!
  2. Frappuccino Friday
    • Every single one still represents being a week closer so I will be counting them as moments.
  3. Complete PE and Math Practicums
    • Last few assignments/observations for those two classes.
  4. Frappuccino Friday
    • One more week down!
  5. Adult Prom!
    • This is a super fun event in my community… Think High School Prom, but with Alcohol!
  6. Frappuccino Friday
    • One more week closer!
  7. Pay my last month of Rent!
    • Since I just have fall semester left with actual classes, I’m moving back home and will be commuting for that last semester.  It will be so nice to not have to pay so much in bills every month!
  8. Frappuccino Friday
    • We’re finally to May!
  9. Color Run
    • Another community event that keeps me active!
  10. One last week of Classes!
  11. Frappuccino Friday
    • Getting there!
  12. Finals Week
    • Luckily, I don’t have many finals this semester, but I do have a few projects that will need to be completed this week.
  13. Move out of my Apartment
    • Like noted earlier, before I go on my trip, I need to be moved out of my current apartment and back home.
  14. Pack for the trip!
    • The last thing to do will be to pack up for sandy beaches and summer weather!
  15. Get on the Plane to see my Love!
    • I’ll be there before I know it!

As I complete moments, I will cross them off and update the list.  I will also blog about big moments, so stay tuned!


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