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Moment #6 | Adult Prom!


20160430_1732133.jpgOne more moment has come and gone…

This was the 6th year that we’ve had an Adult Prom in my hometown.  The theme this year was “Uptown Funk” and all the proceeds benefit a no-kill pet adoption shelter -so not only is it fun, but it also goes towards a good cause!

The ticket to get in was $20 and I found my dress at Goodwill for $12!  I already had the black shoes, necklace and cardigan.  So although I’m saving up for my trip, I only spent 32 dollars on this event.  Which just shows that you don’t have to sacrifice fun when on a budget.

I’m so fortunate to be able to enjoy events like this with my super cool mom.  (I know it sounds weird, but my mom is pretty young, so I can party and hang out with her like I would my friends.)  We had a great time!

But now I’m back to the reality of college.  Finals are soon approaching, and I have a ton of projects to complete for various classes, so I definitely won’t be drinking for a while.

I’m one more moment closer to seeing my Love!


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