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From Frienemies to MILSO Sisters


Recently I saw that one of my Facebook Friends was able to see her own military man in the same city that I’ll be visiting my Love soon.  This is one of those Facebook friends that I’m not really friends with.  I mean we went to school together, but we were never close (honestly, we were more like “Frienemies” in middle school).  So she was really just a Facebook acquaintance (you know what I’m talking about).

Well after I knew she was back home from her visit, I decided to message her and see if she had any recommendations for things to do and places to see in the area I’ll be visiting.   She gave me quite a few!  After we discussed the travel plans and flying tips, we also discussed our own frustrations and concerns about being in love with a Military man, and we both expressed our support for each other during times of deployment.

Overall, the experience of chatting with someone who understood specifically what I was going through was a pleasant one.  Even if we hated each other during our school days, now, we are MilSOs and need to support one another in this crazy Military lifestyle.  That is what I hope to do with this blog, I want to support other MILSOs in the same boat (no pun intended).  I think that only other MILSOs really understand what it is we’re going through, and why on Earth we are willing to put ourselves through it.

I’m glad to have people to reach out to when I need support.  Because yes, even I do at times.  Admitting that is the first step.  Dating through the distance can be a real struggle, but adding Military life on top of that is a whole different challenge (between duty days, deployments, poor cell reception on base, the list could go on and on…).  There are days when I step back and wonder if this is all really worth it, but then I think of my Love’s adorable smile, his gentle touch, and the kind words he pours over me day by day.  As any other MilSO can attest, He makes it worth it.  He is worth every second of waiting.  Every moment spent in his arms is absolutely worth all the distance in between visits.

If you need support, I’m here for you!


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