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Packing Like a Pro


As I finish up packing for my upcoming trip, I figured I would let you all know what I am packing in my purse, carry-on, and suitcase.  Who knows, I may help you remember something before you leave for your own trips!

  • Purse:
    • The airline I am traveling with allows one “personal item” which will be my purse.  Since I knew I can bring this on my body as a separate article I first wanted to purchase a bigger purse.  I am definitely a small purse person (Only carrying necessities), but if it meant that I could pack more, I wanted more space.  I babysat so that I had the cash to find a cute purse at Gordmans.
    • In my purse is a little cash and cards (obviously), my birth control, a book for on the plane, sunglasses, my phone charger, a pack of gum, and 3 Clif Bars in case I get hungry on the plane.  I also have a copy of my flight receipt in case I run into any issues regarding my ticket.
  • Carry-On: Current weight- 10 Pounds
    • As I wrote in my Flying Solo Part I post, I found my carry on at my local Goodwill for $5.00!
    • In my carry-on are lots of undergarments (don’t want to be without those ha), a pair of sandals, tennis shoes, a pair of Toms shoes (I obviously like shoes), a quart size bag of my cosmetics and other 3.4 oz or smaller liquids per TSA requirements. I also have included a swim suit, a pair of jeans, some summer dresses, shorts and shirts (honestly whatever clothes couldn’t fit in my suitcase).
  • Suitcase: Current weight- 35 Pounds
    • My suitcase has the majority of my clothing, toiletries, and anything else.  I also had to pack a pair of my Love’s boots, glasses as well as clippers that his family needed me to get to him (because he currently doesn’t have a mailing address).  Honestly his stuff took up a quarter of my suitcase! But that means more room for me on the way back!
      • Toiletries include: Mouth wash, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, shaving cream, a razor, makeup, nail polish, makeup remover.
      • Clothing items include: dresses, shorts, shirts, capris, jeans, more bikinis, swim suit covers, one formal dress, heels, two more pairs of sandals, and more undergarments.
      • Gifts for Him: On top of bringing my Love things from his family, I am also bringing him a few gifts.  Just his favorite candy (gummi worms) and a DVD that we can enjoy together.  My Love hasn’t seen a musical, and is willing to sit through one with me (since he knows I like them), so I got the DVD of a musical that I think he will enjoy.  I don’t want to pay money for tickets and make him sit through something that he may hate (so starting with a DVD is a good first step to introduce him to the crazy musical world!)

When packing, I tried to keep it light and only take necessities.  Unfortunately I can’t predict the weather though, so I needed to pack shorts as well as jeans, and shoes as well as sandals.  For a 10 day trip, it is hard to pack light since we won’t have access to a washer and dryer.  If we do need to purchase extra necessities (toiletries and such that we either forget or run out of) it’s not like we won’t be near a store of some sort.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you pack:

  1. Necessities:
    • Medications
    • Cash and Cards
    • Electronic Devices and Chargers
      • Phone
      • Camera
      • Laptop
  2. Toiletries:
    • Hair:
      • Shampoo
      • Conditioner
      • Other Hair Products (for styling)
      • Hair Brush
      • Bobby pins, pony tails…
    • Body:
      • Body Wash
      • Face Wash
      • Makeup
      • Makeup Remover
      • Lotion
    • Teeth:
      • Toothpaste
      • Toothbrush
      • Mouthwash
      • Floss
      • Retainer
  3. Clothes:
    • Undergarments
      • Bras
      • Underwear
      • Socks
      • Camis
      • Swim suits
      • Lingerie
    • Shirts 
      • Long sleeve
      • Short sleeve
      • Sweatshirt
      • Light jacket
    • Pants
      • Pants
      • Shorts
      • Capris
      • Skirts
    • Dresses:
      • Summer dresses
      • Formal dress
      • Swim suit covers
    • Shoes:
      • Walking shoes
      • Sandals
      • Flip Flops (for the beach)
      • Heels
    • Jewelry: 
      • Necklaces
      • Bracelets
      • Earrings
      • Belly Button Rings
  4.  Entertainment:
    • Book or magazine
    • Music (iPod)
    • DVD
    • Tablet

Anything else that I forgot?


Luggage Image From: http://www.kcpstudentlife.com/before-you-arrive/what-to-bring/

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