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Flying Solo Part II


Honestly, I’m still amazed that I flew across the country by myself!  The entire process was much easier than I expected.  For some reason, my biggest fear was somehow ending up on the wrong flight… thankfully, that honestly can’t really happen because the attendants swipe your boarding pass for various different reasons making sure you’re in the right place.  The airports themselves are marked well with gate numbers, terminal numbers, and other signage pointing you in the right direction.  It is empowering to know that I did it, and can continue to do so in the future.

I will strongly recommend that if you are flying, that you download the airline’s app (for me, I was flying Delta -so I downloaded their “Fly Delta” app).  This was super helpful.  It had an electronic version of my boarding passes in case I would have misplaced my paper one.  The app also had my seat assignments, and a map so I could see exactly where on the plane I would be sitting.  The app notified me of any changes with my flight such as delays, the current status, and the estimated time of departure and arrival.  I was also able to check in early for my flights and pay my baggage fees right on the app (one less thing to do at the airport).

Since I was flying Delta, I did have a baggage fee of $25 for my first checked bag. This fee was required for both ways -so Delta got an extra $50 from me.

Security itself was a lot less stressful than I expected as well.  I only had to stand in line for about 15 minutes (since I was extremely early).  Just listen to the TSA attendants, make some small talk with them -they’re just people too, and you should be good.

To my destination, I had 3 flights.

  1. One short one to Minneapolis
  2. A long one from Minneapolis to LAX
  3. And finally another short one from LAX to San Diego

Unfortunately however, there was a slight hiccup on the way to San Diego.  My second flight was delayed significantly due to rerouting around a storm.   Because of this delay, I nearly missed my 3rd flight.  My second flight came in as my third one was about to depart.  My Love was honestly on his way to LAX to pick me up there just in case I missed the next flight, but I made it just in time onto the San Diego flight (literally running through the airport!).  It was close, but I made it!  My Love picked me up from the airport and I felt right at home.

Coming back home, I only had 2 flights.

  1. San Diego to Minneapolis
  2. Then a short one from Minneapolis home

These flights went much smoother, I didn’t have any unexpected issues or delays.

Check out this view!

Although I enjoyed every minute with my Love, it feels good to be off a plane for a while and back with my family.


2 thoughts on “Flying Solo Part II

  1. Doing things alone is tough! I recently moved and had to make the cross country drive alone. It was incredibly intimidating (not to mention kinda boring!). Love the blog! 🙂

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