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Why I Subscribed to MilSO Box and You Should Too


Hey MilSOs, have you heard about the new MilSO Box yet?!?  I recently found out about this great new product and I am excited to share it with you…

MilSO Box is a monthly subscription box that will be delivered right to your door step, created especially for MilSOs!  Us MilSOs already have a great relationship with our postal workers, so why not foster that a little more?  This will be one more thing to look forward to in the mailbox!

5 Reasons Why I Subscribed (and you should too):

  1. This new company was started by a female Air Force Veteran.  Although she wasn’t a MilSO herself, she was inspired by one to create this business. -A female veteran who understands and supports MilSOs, what could be better?
  2. Since my Love will be deployed soon, this monthly surprise will be a nice little gift to myself and  will help me countdown the months while he’s gone.  If you have an upcoming deployment to prepare for, this could definitely help!  It can be a nice little reward for waiting…
  3. The products that are sent in the box are all from veteran owned businesses, MilSO owned businesses, or are American made!  -3 things I strongly support!13174071_628445253975803_7034321636719249256_n
  4. Subscription options include a monthly one (to just try it out), 3 months, or 6 months (if you know you’ll love it!).  If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel at any time.  This kind of flexibility makes subscribing less risky.  Why not just try it out?13166104_629338833886445_8322014427190474893_n
  5. Lastly, the final selling point for my frugal self was that I won a 50% off coupon by entering an Instagram contest.  Who can turn down 50% off?!?


In order to get the July MilSO Box, you need to subscribe before July 1st!  Hint: if you check out the MilSO Box Instagram, there’s  often contests and coupon codes!

If you want more information about the MilSO Box, or would like to subscribe for yourself, check out their website! For 10% off your own subscription use code: JULBFRIENDS10 at checkout!

I’m so excited to share the first MilSO Box with you all!

All photos in this post are from the MilSO Box Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Why I Subscribed to MilSO Box and You Should Too

    1. We’ll see, the June box (which shipped today) is the very first one! I’ll be posting a review when I get it to let you know what I got!

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