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Deployment Prep | Goal Setting

As my Love’s second deployment nears, I have been trying to decide on what my “deployment goals” will be.  Having goals helped me significantly through last year’s deployment.  Why do goals help?  Well, by setting goals, I was able to keep my mind occupied (so I wasn’t driving myself crazy with worry).  And by accomplishing my goals, I was empowered to set more, knowing that I can indeed do anything I set my mind to.


So far, I have come up with 5 goals for this upcoming long deployment:

  1. Pass all my classes.
    • I will be a senior this year, so I need to maintain my GPA and graduate… This is all so exciting, but it’s going to be a lot of hard work!  I will have classes like usual first semester, but then for second semester, I will be student teaching!
  2. Work out (at least) 2 times a week.  Train and run a Half Marathon!
    • You read that right… I want to run a half marathon while my Love is deployed!  I know, I’m crazy.  I’ve never been a runner, but I want to start.  I have also convinced my best friend to do it with me.  By doing it with a friend, we will hold each other accountable, we can cheer each other on, and we can support each other every step of the way.
  3. Write to my Love at least every other day.
    • Over his first deployment, I wrote to my Love daily in a little journal.  Then, when he returned, I gave the journal to him as a gift.  He loved it! So, I’m going to continue with that little tradition.  I already purchased the journals I will use.

      I’m going with a whale theme this deployment!
  4. Send my Love one care package a month.
    • Of course I will be sending care packages to my Love while he’s gone.  I plan on sending at least one per month (since it practically takes a month to get to him while he’s deployed).  I will also send little cards and letters too!
  5. Keep up on a “Dollar-a-Day Jar”.
    • Every day that my Love is deployed, I plan on placing a dollar in a jar.  Since he’ll be gone for a lot of days, it will add up to a lot of dollars!… Then, when he returns, we can have a nice date night on my bill.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate that!22d7ea22_money-jar-xxxlarge_2x 

What goals have you made for deployments?

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