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Dollar-A-Day Deployment DIY


For my 5th Deployment goal (to maintain a Dollar-A-Day Jar for a nice date night when my Love returns home), I wanted to create something that would be large enough to hold the dollars that will add up quickly, and was also cute.  I didn’t just want a jar in my room, but something that would be nice and presentable.  So, I decided to go to my local Hobby Lobby and pick up a few items to make a shadow box.

I made sure to purchase a shadow box that had a drop slot on the top so that I can add the dollars in easily.  This was the largest expense for this project ($19.99).


I also picked up a few materials to decorate it.  This included background paper options, and adhesive alphabet letters.  I also got the flag stickers for a little patriotic detail.  These supplies all together cost about $7.00.


After my shopping trip,  I got started right away!  I cut the background paper to size and placed it on the wooden backing.  I added the message, “Our Love is Deployment Strong” directly to the glass.  I think the flag sticker was a perfect little touch!  Here is how it turned out:


I added a little note to the back so that it’s completely ready for when my Love comes home.


Now although I’m still dreading this deployment, I feel a little more prepared and am excited to accomplish this and my other Deployment Goals!  I placed it on my end table next to my bed so I won’s forget to add my dollar in daily.


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