MILSO · Milso Box

August MilSO Box!

The MilSO Box just keeps getting better and better! I honestly think that this month’s was the best one so far!


The five items in this MilSO Box were as follows:



Chili Lime Soy Nuts from an independent MilSO distributor for Herbalife.  Since I am prepping for a deployment, I have been stocking up snacky foods such as this, so I didn’t try them.  Instead I’ll send them to my Love soon!




Druzy Stone Necklace from Designs by Katie Leigh who is an Air Force MilSO.  This necklace is dainty, cute, and when I wore it out I received a ton of compliments!




An adorable “Coffee Break Companion” coloring book from Coffee Break Ink .  This college-student-owned company is American Made and proceeds help provide school supplies to children in need.  I love companies that give back in some way, so I’m really glad MilSO Box LLC partnered with this company!



Lip balm from Naturally Taylored which is a Marine wife owned business.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been boycotting store-bought chap stick because of all of the harmful chemicals in them. So I gave this natural, organic product a try, only to fall in love!  It doesn’t just cover the chapped parts of my lips but actually hydrates them.  I’ll definitely continue using this product!



This makeup bag is from An Anchor of Love which is owned and operated by a Navy wife.  This little bag is so cute and I can’t wait to use it to represent my own Navy love!  The arrow flag (the blue stars are hard to see on the NWU print but they’re there) detail on the front is the perfect touch!


Seriously, in my opinion, this MilSO Box was the best one that I’ve gotten yet and I know it will only get better and better!  If you would like your own MilSO Box, don’t delay! You can subscribe here and if you use the code: JULBFRIENDS10 you’ll receive an additional 10% off your subscription!



2 thoughts on “August MilSO Box!

  1. I got my August MilSO box yesterday and I love it! I’m wearing my necklace today and I’m planning on using my makeup bag to carry my essential oils (my bag is made with Marine print). I found out about the MilSO box through your blog and I’m so glad I decided to give it a try! Now I’m off to do some coloring!

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