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Deployment Diaries


As many of you know, one of my deployment goals is to write to my Love at least every other day while he’s deployed.  Now, unfortunately that dreaded time has come, and I have completed the very first entry in this journal.  I will periodically share entries from the journal, where you will see my deepest feelings, greatest fears, and just about anything in between.

*Due to OPSEC, dates and names will be excluded, as well as time and location details; entries will never be posted on the exact date they are written.*

Entry 1:

My Dearest Love,

It is now 10:30 pm here and I’m finally willing to sit down and write to you, the first of many entries to come over the next _____ months.  I have avoided this journal like the Plague in hopes that it would mean that you weren’t really gone, you weren’t really deploying, or that it just wasn’t today.  I have honestly been dreading this day for months.  But time always goes way too fast when you want it to slow down.  So today came, just like any other day.  Except, for us, it isn’t just any other day.  It’s a day that will shape our relationship for months to come, it’s the first of many days that I’ll spend worried about your safety, it’s the day that brings this crushing reality of deployment to life.  For this reason, I slept horribly last night, knowing that I didn’t want to wake up to today.  But I did, and here we are.  Day one of deployment is almost complete!

So, just as I did for your first deployment, I have made it a goal to write to you at least every other day.  I’m once again using writing as a way to dedicate my time to you just as I would if you were here.  This little journal will once again be a homecoming gift for you as soon as you return.  Most importantly -more than a gift, or a goal- this journal is to express my love to you even when you are thousands of miles away!

I know that it’s only day one, but I really do miss you already.  I miss being able to contact you with a simple click of a button.  I miss being able to tell my best friend every detail about my day (especially on a crappy day like today).  You would be able to cheer me up and make it all better.  I can’t wait to hear from you honey.

All my love,

The Girl Back Home

There you have it, the dreaded first day’s feelings.  I still have yet to cry.  But I know that’s coming soon.


3 thoughts on “Deployment Diaries

  1. I love this! The journal as a gift is such an amazing idea. My SO is not in a situation where he would be deployed; but, he is so busy all the time and I wish we got more time to talk. We haven’t seen each other since New Years but I’m going up for a visit in 6 days!!
    Hang in there. You got this. ❤️

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