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The Book Every MilSO Needs to Read!


Despite the title, Modern Military Spouse, this book is a must-have for military spouses and significant others alike.  From chapter 1, I was hooked.  It answered so many questions that I didn’t even realize I had.  Everything from Military life on base, deployments, financial stability, military-proofing your career, etc… Anything and everything about being a MilSO is covered!

The best part, it was written and published by 3 other MilSO Bloggers!  Not some random person, but 3 wonderful ladies who truly know about military life through their own experiences!  Since military life can have many different journeys, these ladies collaborated to create a great resource for other MilSOs going through any situation -parenthood, marriage, deployments, even PCSing overseas!

To get a copy, you can purchase directly from their websites, here, here, or here for only $9.99.  Or, since I didn’t want an electronic version, I searched for it on Amazon and found a paperback copy for $12.99.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I do highly recommend Modern Military Spouse if you know that you will be dealing with military life for a while -even if you aren’t quite a spouse yet.  It is a great resource to keep around, and even comes with a bonus section of other resources to seek if needed -definitely worth the 10 bucks!


*This post is in no way sponsored.  I purchased and read this book of my own free will. I am promoting it because I love sharing great resources and supporting other MilSOs!*

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