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Deployment Goal Update: The Glow Run

wp-1472762522167.jpegOn Friday I completed my third 5k!  I have done two color runs before, but this one was a glow run!  My best friend who has been training for the half marathon with me joined me for this race (which was her first).  It was hosted in the evening, and we were given plenty of glow sticks to light up the night.





I honestly liked this better than a color run because it wasn’t messy.  Color runs are fun, but they require a shower immediately after -and even then, your skin might be stained blue for a few days.  I also liked the aspect of a night run, because it was nice and cool.  But you had to trust that the trail was clear and free of debris.  I didn’t have any issues with this, but it would definitely be a problem if the trail wasn’t prepared or maintained well.

You all know how I like to support bigger causes…The proceeds from this run went toward supporting organ donation and awareness!

My friend and I successfully ran the entire distance and are now working toward the 10k we have scheduled next month!

Only 285 days until the half marathon!





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