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“Whale Hello There” Care Package

Since deployment is in full swing these days, I sent out my Love’s first Deployment Care Package.  Remember, one of my goals for this deployment is to send one each month- Month 1 is done!


Since it’s September and the first one I’m sending, I wanted to do a themed box.  For me it’s back-to-school season, but not for my Love so that option was out.  It isn’t quite fall yet, so I couldn’t really use that. And with holidays coming up, I couldn’t use those as themes prematurely for September.

wp-1473448522232.jpegSo after the usual Pinterest perusing, I decided to go with, “Whale Hello There” as a punny nautical theme to brighten his day.

I used whatever letter stickers I still had available from previous projects and packages and then got to attempting to draw a whale… I’m no artist, but I really think my whales are pretty cute.

What’s Inside?

Inside this care package, I included the Get Well Soon package that I had prepared a few weeks ago.  If you want to know what I included in that, you can find it here.

Otherwise, I added lots of food -nuts, gummy worms (his favorite!), beef jerky, gum, and dried fruit.

Image from BRCC website

The item I’m most excited for my Love to receive is a package of Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee.  This company has gun and “politically incorrect” themed coffees (two things my Love loves).  This company is also veteran-owned and operated (so of course, I had to support it!).


I got my Love the “Girls for Gunslingers BTB” (Better than a Blowjob) coffee -since, you know, I’m not there.  😉

Before my Love left, I asked him what appliances he would have access to on the ship…which was only a microwave.  So I also sent him a reusable coffee filter (similar to a tea infuser) that he can use to make his coffee in the microwave.

What themes are you using for September care packages?



3 thoughts on ““Whale Hello There” Care Package

  1. My SO just started a 6 month intensive program of courses so I sent him a School Supply care package ☺️ I sent some post its, index cards, pens, highlighters, and some snacks for study time. He loved it! He joked that I raided my students’ supplies to send him things 😂

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