Military Lifestyle · MILSO · September 11

The Reality of 9/11 For a MilSO

As I write this, I know that tomorrow our Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, and any other type of newsfeed will be filled with posts about the tragic events that took place 15 years ago.  But here’s my take on it anyway.


Everyone who was old enough to remember that day, does.  We all have stories of where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news.  I, for example, was in Ms. Hiel’s first grade class.  It was just another day in first grade, until Ms. Hiel turned on the TV that hung in the corner of the room.  She never did that, so naturally we were all thinking, oh yay, TV time!  Until we realized that this wasn’t the fun “TV Time”.  As 6 year olds, we watched in horror as buildings were blazing, crumbling, and people were jumping out of them; at which point Ms. Hiel realized that this wasn’t appropriate for 6-year-old children to be watching.  When I went home that day, I was more confused than ever.  I didn’t even fully grasp what had happened until years later.

Now, as a MilSO, I have a different perspective because of who I am in love with.  So of course it upsets me more than it ever has.  It is literally why my Love is deployed currently.   It is why I can’t have a decent phone call with him, it is why I have to send care packages, it is why I have to use and trust snail-mail.

The War on Terror began 15 years ago with the tragedy of 9/11.  My boyfriend and I were 6 at the time, yet he’s the one out there currently serving this country.  He’s the one paying for it.  We were children, but now we have to sacrifice so much.

Unfortunately I don’t think things will get better anytime soon.  I like to remain optimistic, but the older I get, I understand that things are so much more complicated than even we realize.  So until then, we will be bombarded with posts and photos in our newsfeeds every September.

To the first responders, military personnel, and any other heroes from this tragedy, I do thank you sincerely.  And if any of you lost loved-ones during these events, I am so very sorry for your loss.


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