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Red Friday MilSO Box!

This month, MilSO Box LLC decided to switch it up a bit, and did their first themed box! This month’s theme was Red Friday -which just happens to be perfect for my life right now.  For anyone who isn’t familiar, RED means Remember Everyone Deployed.  So wearing red on Fridays is another way to show support for our troops.


wp-1474046575897.jpegAs soon as I saw that box on my porch, I was also greeted by a delightful smell.  That lovely scent was coming from a bar of handmade apple spice soap -it seriously smelled like autumn.  This soap came from The Soap Connection USA which is run by an Army Veteran.  Their soap is made from all natural ingredients and better yet, for every bar sold, one is created and donated to veterans, homeless, unemployed, and underemployed people in need!

wp-1474046423567.jpegThere were also two adorable lollipops in this box.  They were seriously so cute, I didn’t want to try one… but then again, rose and honey seemed like a unique flavor so I gave it a shot anyway.  I’m glad I did!  The lollipops were from the American company Leccare Lollipops.  The tags read, “Deployment sucks!  But…” “The 1st kiss is so sweet!” -ain’t that the truth!




A fun little item was a Deployment Survival Playlist on Spotify.  Some songs included are lovey-dovey, while others are Girl Power songs to motivate us to keep on keepin’ on.  This will be great for when I need a little motivation.




Another red item was a set of cute cover button earrings from The Button Belle and Co, which is run by an Air Force MilSO!  These little patriotic accessories are perfect for any military support outfit!


We also received a gift certificate to The Go To Gift Girl which is another American-made company.  This company specializes in scarves (with hidden pockets!), and bullet jewelry (maybe a possible gift for my Love soon…)!  She really does have some unique items!   (No picture included because that would giveaway the coupon code!)

Lastly, I got a Red Friday T-shirt that I am proudly wearing as I write this.  It is from the MilSO owned company Brand My Swag.  Perfect for any Friday!


If you would like your own MilSO Box delivered to your doorstep every month, you can subscribe here.  For 10% off your subscription, you can use the code: JULBFRIENDS10.

*I pay for my MilSO Box just like anyone else, but some of the links in this post may be affiliate links.  As always though, I promise I wouldn’t promote something that I don’t Love!*


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