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Deployment Diaries: Month One Done



Still going strong with Deployment Goal #3… And now month one is done!

This entry is short and sweet, but it’s still a joyous moment knowing that all the days are starting to amount to months. Bringing him one day and month closer to being home.



Dear Love,

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s already been a month with you gone.  Honestly, since school started, the time has gone by pretty fast for me.  But I know that’s not quite the case for you.

I was also surprised to find out that you’re in ___________!  I may have had to look up where that was exactly on my globe -it’s been a long time since 7th grade geography…  I hope you enjoyed your time there.  Try to get some rest and relaxation while you can.  I know you need it.

To be honest, actually having a location made me miss you more.  You feel that much more further from me, from home.  I appreciate knowing the little amount of information that I can, and I enjoyed the pictures you sent, but it definitely doesn’t help the distance any.  Hopefully you feel closer soon.

All my love,

The Girl Back Home


*Due to OPSEC, dates and names have been excluded, as well as time and location details; entries are never posted on the exact date they are written.*


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