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Deployment Goal Update: 10k

Last weekend my friend and I completed our first 10k -just one of the many steps leading up to the Half Marathon.  To be frank, it didn’t go quite as we had planned, but we made the most of it.


Bad News:

I’ll be brutally honest and admit something… My friend and I came in last. Dead last. I mean at every event someone has to come in last, but it’s never been me.  There is honestly nothing more discouraging than training for months, to come in last.  It took us 1:19:33 to finish 6.4 miles, which gave us an average of 12:27 per mile.  We had done a practice 10k the weekend prior just so we knew we could indeed complete it, and we had the same exact time… so there wasn’t any real improvement.

Going Forward:

It’s easy to get fixated on the fact that our 12:27 minute mile landed us in last place.  It’s easy to get discouraged.  It’d be easy to throw in the towel now and quit this seemingly impossible goal.  But I don’t do easy.

Instead, I keep reminding myself that I started this goal with no training.  No experience.  And a 17+ minute mile.  In 3 short months I have seen incredible results.  We still completed the 10k despite hills that we hadn’t prepared for.  We did it despite muddy conditions and chilly weather.  We did it. That’s what matters.

By coming in last, we have plenty of room for improvement.  And with approximately 9 months to train, I’m sure our Half Marathon will have much different results.

Despite this minor setback, I’m going to continue pushing on.

Only 248 days until the Half Marathon!


2 thoughts on “Deployment Goal Update: 10k

  1. You have a fantastic attitude and it sounds like you’ve come such a long way with your running goals! I have similar goals to run a half marathon and it’s so amazing to say you finished too. Running is definitely not easy so good job and keep it up!

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