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Thanksgiving Care Package

I wish I were able to send my love a Thanksgiving dinner, to help him celebrate a very American holiday, but unfortunately I’m afraid that wouldn’t go well… He’d probably end up with a stinky, soiled box.  Yuck.

Instead, here is what I sent my love.  Where we’re both from, leaves change color and fall to the ground, so my Care Package theme this month was to remind him of home.


Since I wanted to send a Thanksgiving dinner, I found a way to do so with non-perishables.  So for turkey, I sent turkey jerky and turkey sausage.  For cranberries, I sent Craisins.  For Mashed potatoes, I sent a single-serve microwavable instant mashed potato bowl.  For stuffing, I again sent a microwavable instant box of stuffing mix. For a nice fall beverage, I sent him instant Apple Cider packets.  And of course, I couldn’t forget dessert, so instead of a real pumpkin pie, I sent a “Pie Pop”.



My mini care pack this time, was an “Open When… You’re Homesick” package.  I included anything to remind my Love of home. I used a map of our hometown to line the back of the box, and included memorabilia from his favorite football team, postcards from our state, decals from our state’s college football team, and baseball team.  I picked up a local magazine as well.  I also included a hand-written journal where I wrote all the reasons why I love him, and included all of our pictures over the years.  Just a little something to make him feel closer to home.



What are you sending your loved ones for Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Care Package

    1. Thank you! It definitely took a lot of thought to come up with items that would work but wouldn’t rot by the time he got them, but I’m glad I was able to figure it all out. I think he’ll love it!

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      1. I know for sure that he received the care package I sent for September. And luckily we are able to communicate when he has internet access, or via a calling card. I know this isn’t the case for all deployments, so I’ll definitely take it!

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      2. That’s so amazing and great to hear! I’m sure it makes you happy to know when he gets one. I’ve sent care packages to places outside of the US as well and it’s always a relief to know when they do make it!

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