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Deployment Diaries: Bad News

Good Evening Love,

Unfortunately, not all days can begin with wonderful dreams of you. Instead, today began with you asking if I had seen the news lately.  Now to be honest, I have, you know I always tune in to the daily news, but when you asked me that my heart sank.  I mean, you never ask me that.  We rarely ever even discuss the news.  So I knew you weren’t just trying to make some casual conversation.  I knew something was wrong.  After a little googling, I knew what news you were referring to.  It scared me, and even though you told me you were safe, the fact that you had to tell me that to begin with means that you’re in harm’s way.  I also know that being safe now, doesn’t mean you’ll be safe tomorrow.

Honestly Love, this really worried me.  It’s been on my mind all day, and I know it’ll remain there as I sleep tonight.  So as always, but even more so tonight, I am praying for your safety.  I truly can’t imagine my future without you honey.  So please stay safe.  That’s all I ask.

All my love,

The Girl Back Home



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