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Thankful Despite Deployment

This Thanksgiving, right in the middle of a deployment with no end in sight, it’d be easy to be upset with the current situation. This is the second year I haven’t been able to spend Thanksgiving with my Love.  But as always, I’m going to stay positive and be thankful anyway.


Of course, I’m thankful to have my Love.  Even though he isn’t home for the holidays, I still am lucky to have him, his love, and his dedication to us.  In nearly two years, we have defied the odds and managed to stick together despite the distance that has been separating us.

I’m thankful that the Navy has offered my Love a ton of opportunities.  Not only in travel (some of the places he’s been during this deployment would be a dream to visit), but also career-wise.  He just received the news that he made advancement.  As you can imagine, I’m extremely proud of this achievement because I know it didn’t come easy by any means.  So I’m very thankful that although the Navy is what separates us currently, it’ll bring us closer together as we are able to finally think about living together in the near future.

Although it means a deployment, I am thankful that we are fortunate to live in a country worth fighting for.  Even during these times of change as we have voted and will be welcoming a new president soon, I’m thankful for all of the freedoms we American’s hold so dear.  All of those freedoms require protecting, and I’m thankful that our country is dedicated to protecting those ideals.

I’m thankful that throughout this deployment my Love and I have been able to stay in contact for the most part.  Some days he isn’t available to chat, but I’m grateful that those days are far outnumbered by the days that he can.  Even when it’s just a quick message telling me he loves me, I’m elated to receive it.

I’m also thankful for the independence I’ve continued to develop throughout this deployment. Of course, I would love to have my Sailor around to help me, but I’m also glad that being alone allows me to problem-solve and figure things out for myself.

Thankfully, today also marks one more month closer to this deployment being over.  I try to stay as positive as possible, but as anyone can imagine, I’ll also be happy once this second deployment is done.  I can’t wait to see my Love, and hopefully be able to celebrate the holidays together next year!

Remember that even though MilSO’s face many struggles that others may not be familiar with, we can still try to maintain a positive attitude throughout them all.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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