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Homesick for the Holidays


At some point in a long distance military relationship, you will find that what you’ve always considered home, is no longer home.  Stay with me, I’ll explain…

After spending months apart due to duty, underways, deployments, or life in general, home becomes wherever that other person may be.  For me, Home is currently halfway around the world.  Home is a ship rocking in the sea.  Home has traveled to and from places like Israel,  Singapore, Panama, all the way back to Virginia, Hawaii, and California -honestly, my Home is continuously moving.  Home is his arms wrapped around me.

For this reason, I’m homesick this holiday season. In every possible meaning of the word.  My heart longs to spend an evening cuddled up around the fireplace. With him.  I yearn to decorate a tree and shop my little heart out.  With him.  And I want to enjoy spiked hot cocoa while listening to carols.  With him.  I can do all of these things, but they aren’t the same when the only person I want to do them with, isn’t here.  It’s just not the same to be homesick during the most joyous time of the year.

Of course, I can’t complain too much knowing that he is even more homesick than I am.  This season with my Love out to sea has been challenging, so I can only stay positive by looking forward to spending many holidays together, Home, in our future.


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