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Happy New Year and 2 Year!

January’s care package was to help my Love welcome the new year and celebrate our anniversary from afar!

Since I want him to have a happy and HEALTHY 2017, I included a bunch of healthy snacks instead of my usual sugar-ridden surprises.  Since he likes dried fruit, I included some dried pineapple and mangoes.  I also added two boxes of KIND protein bars, and caffeinated AWAKE  granola bars too.  As a staple for any military man, I also threw in a few sticks of beef jerky along with some high-protein trail-mix.  Can’t go wrong with those.




This month’s mini care package was a personal hygiene box that I made for my Love so he can “Stay Sexy”.  In this, I included body wash and a loofah, a new toothbrush and floss, q-tips, as well as 10 disposable razors.




Since today is our 2 year anniversary, I also included a love letter in the care package.  Unfortunately, his real anniversary gifts didn’t arrive at my house in time to make it into the care package, so they will be here waiting for him with his Christmas presents.

Here’s how the care package decorations turned out.  I kept it simple this time, mostly because I am honestly losing all motivation for these packages.  I’m definitely hitting that “Deployment Wall” that everyone talks about.

The fine print on the bottom flap says, “The best 2 years of my life have been with you!”

I’ll admit, I’m not perfect.  As I stated earlier, I did order the 2 anniversary gifts for my Love, but I didn’t order them soon enough to make it into this care package.  I know, I know, I’m slacking!  So, with his Christmas gifts, the anniversary gifts will be at my house waiting for his safe return.  By the time he gets back, he’ll have a mountain of gifts ready to open!

I’ll still share the anniversary gifts with you all though, so honey, if you’re reading this from around the world -STOP… I want it to be a surprise for you!

Love Book

Throughout Pinterest, with a simple search for “Anniversary Gifts” it didn’t take long to come across an ad for the Love Book.  I’ve seen these books before, and have always thought it was a cute idea so I decided to finally create one for my Love about us.  One of my favorite parts to creating this, was making my Love and I as characters.  It was easy and we turned out adorable as 2D figures!  After deciding the characters I chose a cover design, of which the company had a ton of different options (of course I went with the anchor one!) that could be edited to suit your needs.  After the cover, you get to design every single page inside the book.  Once again, this was a super easy process because the website had a ton of pre-designed options to choose from, or if you wanted to create your very own page you could do that as well.  I organized the book into two different sections, one about all the things I love about my Sailor, and another about all of my favorite memories of us.

Overall, the website was easy to navigate, and I think this personalized gift was well worth the $45.  Once I got the finished product in the mail, I was even more in love with the idea!  The book turned out to be super high-quality and exactly how I had planned it!

img_20161228_175254.jpg                          wp-1484537515922.jpeg

Retro Viewer

anniversary-reelThe second gift I came across was not as common from what I can tell, but I’m excited about it all the same.  Remember those viewfinders that we had as kids? If you grew up in the 90s you should know what I’m talking about.  Well for this gift, I made a reel for one of those!  I was able to add in personal photos and captions to create a personalized reel of my own.  Along with the reel, I ordered an accompanying viewfinder (RetroViewer as it’s called now) so my Love with be able to view the photos.  I think this is a cute gift, and what’s better is that I can continue to add to it.  Right now, we only have one reel, but as our lives continue to mesh and we create more memories together, I can order more reels that we will ultimately be able to reminisce with.  Once I got my reel and viewer in the mail, I tried it out right away!  I was impressed with the overall quality for the $33.90 I paid.  My images came in clear, the captions were “popping out” (in a 3D effect), and the viewer itself wasn’t just some cheap plastic -it’ll last a long while as we continue to make more reels for it.

Of course, it’s a bummer to spend our second anniversary alone (just like I did for the 1st one).  But I know that this waiting will be worth it, and we’ll be able to celebrate in person soon enough.  I know he will love both of these gifts, so I certainly can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year and 2 Year!

  1. I see you’re re-using a MilSO Box!!! Woohoo! That makes my hippie heart happy. 🙂 Also, I know it’s tough to keep up the support, and even pack up these care packages for your love. I just befriended the founder of She customizes care packages that can be purchased and sent to your sailor. She is actually Active Duty Navy too!!! What?! Take care hun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard of Troopster, and I’ve looked into it a little bit! Definitely worth a try since I’m losing my motivation haha! Thank you!


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