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The Last Homecoming

Well here we are, another deployment has come and gone.  To be honest, it went a lot quicker than I thought.  Following my Love’s 7-month deployment, he came straight home as soon as he could.  The stars even aligned and it just so happened to be over my spring break (Thank you Navy!).  It was a great homecoming.  We did the usual stuff.  Enjoyed each other’s company, ate pizza, watched movies, strolled around Ikea, visited the family, and just spent quality time together.  I swear that the most mundane things will always be my favorite.  Simply because it’s real life.  Unfortunately, we still have to sleep in hotels to be together, but what we do when we’re not sleeping is the most real-life stuff that I miss when we’re apart.  Being able to hold hands, cuddle, and speak face-to-face just feels so right, it’s only natural to want that all the time.

Here’s where this post gets exciting, the last homecoming, was really the last one.

Currently, I am filled with many emotions regarding that fact.  In less than a month I will graduate college.  I will be running a half marathon shortly after that.  And then, the next time I see my Love will be where he is.  With a one-way ticket.

As you can imagine, I’m elated to be joining him and closing the distance that has been separating us for over 2 years.  I’ll get to kiss him goodbye before work everyday.  We’ll get to cook dinner together, and cuddle up to a good show after.  I’m so excited for all of those little things that people tend to take for granted when they get to see their partner on a daily basis.

On the other hand, I’m also slightly terrified.  I mean, this is a huge change.  I’m moving across the country.  I’m changing time-zones.  I’m changing climate zones.  I’m leaving my friends and family.  When I think of that, I remember what my favorite barista told me, “Now that you’ve been in a long distance relationship though, you know how to have a long distance relationship with your family.”  Gosh, that hit me hard.  It’s true.  I mean I won’t be within driving distance, but I will be a phone call away just like my Sailor has been for me.  It’ll all be okay.

I’ve waited awhile to write this post, but I knew that I would eventually have to face the fact that this is really happening.  And it’s happening quickly!  With that said, since I will no longer be “dating through the distance”, I will be creating a new blog to continue to share our adventures together (more details on that to come).


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