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Deployment Goal Update: Half Marathon!

Just about a year ago, I was anticipating my Love’s second deployment.  As you know, to prepare for that, I made some deployment goals.  One of which was to complete a half marathon.  This goal had kept me plenty busy throughout the school year, because student teaching wasn’t crazy enough.  My best friend, became my running partner and we both trained like beasts to accomplish this.  We chose to do our run in Manitowoc, Wisconsin which was quite a drive for us, but half the fun was getting there.  The deciding factor for this run was that it was all on a paved, flat trail along Lake Michigan (which would help with the heat).  We found out later, that it was also a Boston Qualifier, but we had no interest in that.

Once again, our goal was just to be able to say we did it, nothing fancy.




Well, I’m happy to say that after a year of training, we did it!  Of course, there were times when we thought we couldn’t do it, that the next mile would surely kill us… But we were persistent and kept pushing ourselves.



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Although I did accomplish this goal, I don’t plan on continuing to run long distances.   It’s not that I don’t enjoy running, I don’t mind running short distances -3 miles daily would be manageable, but I would much rather work toward improving my time instead of increasing my distance.  5k’s, or an occasional 10k, will still be in my future, but no more half marathons and I have absolutely no desire to do a full.

That was the last deployment goal on the list, and the last deployment for awhile (hopefully).  So now I’m focusing on closing the distance soon!


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