Are you a Military Girlfriend?

Are you in a Long Distance Relationship?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, this blog is for you!

Here I plan to build a support network for military girlfriends, soon-to-be wives, current military spouses, or anyone else in a long distance relationship.  Dating through the distance can be a real challenge; one that many other people don’t understand.   Having a group of supportive people who can relate to the unique challenges we face will hopefully help. 

Now, a little about myself… I am currently in a long distance relationship with a Sailor in the U.S. Navy.  We have been dating for a year and a half despite the distance.  In that time, we have spent about 2 months collectively together in person during the few times when he was home on leave or I was visiting him.  I currently am an Elementary Education major in my 4th year of college -I am very much looking forward to graduating so that my Love and I can begin our life actually together!

Through the year and a half with my love, I have learned many lessons about military life, long distance dating, and love in general.  I share these valuable ideas and advice because we have found success and happiness in our long distance love, (which proves that it can happen) and I want you to have that same success!  Being apart from one another does have it’s downsides, but in the end he is worth all the waiting and every mile between us!



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      1. I agree, I’m not quite a wife yet, but even dating a military man has its struggles. Support from people who understand is crucial!


      2. Yes, that’s so true! That’s why I started a blog specifically for military girlfriends, there are plenty of blogs for spouses but not many for girlfriends. I’m so thankful to have found other MILSOS through blogging!


  1. I was once in the Air Force. I would have loved having someone at home who loved me as much as you appear to love this young man. I met my love(s) while in the military. Believe me when I say (chuckle), I wish a few of them had been far far away.

    I wish you the highest and best in your relationship. I also hope you can link up with others who cherish (or would like to) their long distance relationships -due to deployment-as you do.

    Very sweet!!!

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