Christmas 2015

Here is what I sent in my Love’s Christmas Care Package…


Luckily for my Love and I, Christmas is right before our one year anniversary!  So we have decided to combine the 2, and send all our gifts for the various holidays in one box to save on shipping costs.

My big gift for him is a secret, mainly because it isn’t family friendly. His family is visiting him over the holidays this year, so I will share my “family-friendly” gifts first.

  1. His favorite kind of tea with a “Teatanic” infuser.  Just something random that reminded me of him, so I had to pick it up.  (Not that I want his ship to sink, but a Tea Infuser that is a ship is pretty cute.)
  2. A stocking full of his favorite candies.  He lives somewhere considerably warmer than I do, so I’ve learned from sending him previous packages, to avoid sending anything chocolate.  So that leaves gummy worms, Nerds, Smarties, Suckers, gum… Anything that won’t melt.
  3. A tin of cookies.  His favorite kind of cookies are Snickerdoodle, so I make them for him whenever I can.  I packaged each cookie individually in cling wrap and then put them in a decorative holiday tin.  This saved them from breaking apart.
  4. New Year’s Kisses.  Since we won’t be able to be together for New Years this year, I sent him “Kisses” for the occasion.  I usually send a few with care packages or cards that I’ve sent him over other holidays and deployment, so he’s familiar with these, and he loves them!
    • To make these “Kisses”, I lather on some red lipstick, kiss some unlined note-cards (thicker than regular paper), cut out the kisses that turned out the best (I end up kissing a lot of paper before I get enough that my perfectionist self is satisfied with), write a cute little message on the back, and then (since I’m going to be a teacher soon, of course I have a laminator), I laminate them all individually so the lipstick or pen ink doesn’t smudge.  I then tape them to the inside of a card.  I made 16 kisses for 2016!
  5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  My Love’s father actually recommended this book to me the last time we visited his family.  So before sending this book, I made sure to read it… It was amazing!  This is the only gift my Love has any idea about (but he doesn’t know what book he’ll be receiving).  I left a little note inside the front cover letting him know how much I enjoyed it.
  6. Starbucks Gift Card.  Since our relationship started with a coffee meeting, I sent a gift card to Starbucks with a note that said,  “Although we aren’t able to celebrate our anniversary together this year, we can still enjoy it where it all began.  Meet me at a Starbucks near you on January 16, 2016!  Happy one year anniversary!”.
  7. Love Letters.  I’ve sent him “Open When…” letters before and this is similar, but slightly different.  I picked up a “Paper Time Capsule” at Barnes and Noble.  It includes a collection of 12 letters with 10 pre-set prompts (ex. What I love about us…).  The last 2 letters then are for whatever I’d like to write about.  Since he only knows about my blog, one of the last letters will be for when he would like to start reading it and I will include the link for him to check it out.


Mom Stop Reading

And the not so family friendly gift, which was expensive enough to count for Christmas as well as our Anniversary. Dun Dun Dun…

  1. A few weekends ago, I had a secret Boudoir Photography session.   Since my Love has expressed often that pictures really help him get through the days without me there, I thought I would send him some professional photos that were sexy yet classy.  I printed one of the photos out and put it in a frame and then included a few wallet size prints in a small box.  Underneath the wallet prints in the box I included a way for him to access all the other photos electronically.


I wrapped every item individually and I decorated the inside of the box too. Since we are both from the Northern U.S. we are used to a white Christmas, but since he is stationed in the Southern U.S. where there isn’t any snow for the holidays, I decorated the box with anything snowflake themed so he still gets his “White Christmas” where he is.


I then sent it out with 25 days to get across the country by Christmas.  And of course, since I was so early, it made it to him by December 3rd! So he got an early Christmas package (but I’d much rather have it early than late).