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Deployment Goal Update: Half Marathon!

Just about a year ago, I was anticipating my Love’s second deployment.  As you know, to prepare for that, I made some deployment goals.  One of which was to complete a half marathon.  This goal had kept me plenty busy throughout the school year, because student teaching wasn’t crazy enough.  My best friend, became my… Continue reading Deployment Goal Update: Half Marathon!

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Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

One more month of deployment has past.  Honestly it feels like this deployment has flown by, which I’m very thankful for.  But I know that these last few weeks are going to drag on just because I’m excited for his homecoming. Entry: Hey Honey! Today you’ve been gone for exactly 6 months.  And a long… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

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Deployment Diaries: Month One Done

  Still going strong with Deployment Goal #3… And now month one is done! This entry is short and sweet, but it’s still a joyous moment knowing that all the days are starting to amount to months. Bringing him one day and month closer to being home.   Entry: Dear Love, Wow, I can’t believe… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: Month One Done

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“Whale Hello There” Care Package

Since deployment is in full swing these days, I sent out my Love’s first Deployment Care Package.  Remember, one of my goals for this deployment is to send one each month- Month 1 is done! Theme: Since it’s September and the first one I’m sending, I wanted to do a themed box.  For me it’s… Continue reading “Whale Hello There” Care Package