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How to Military-Proof the Career you Haven’t Even Started

Being a college student and Navy girlfriend has been great.  However, eventually both of those things will come to an end.  Soon I will be living with my Love (becoming his wife sometime) and I’ll be entering the workforce as a recent grad. With both of those changes coming so soon, here is what I… Continue reading How to Military-Proof the Career you Haven’t Even Started

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The Last Homecoming

Well here we are, another deployment has come and gone.  To be honest, it went a lot quicker than I thought.  Following my Love’s 7-month deployment, he came straight home as soon as he could.  The stars even aligned and it just so happened to be over my spring break (Thank you Navy!).  It was… Continue reading The Last Homecoming

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Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

One more month of deployment has past.  Honestly it feels like this deployment has flown by, which I’m very thankful for.  But I know that these last few weeks are going to drag on just because I’m excited for his homecoming. Entry: Hey Honey! Today you’ve been gone for exactly 6 months.  And a long… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

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The Thankful MilSO Box

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, MilSO Box LLC decided to do a thankful theme for this month’s box. Thankful for our loved ones! Of course, I’m thankful for my Love even though we wont be able to celebrate this holiday together.    American-made company, Handmade Happy Mail provided a custom thank you card for us to… Continue reading The Thankful MilSO Box

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Deployment Diaries: Bad News

Good Evening Love, Unfortunately, not all days can begin with wonderful dreams of you. Instead, today began with you asking if I had seen the news lately.  Now to be honest, I have, you know I always tune in to the daily news, but when you asked me that my heart sank.  I mean, you… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: Bad News