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The Last Homecoming

Well here we are, another deployment has come and gone.  To be honest, it went a lot quicker than I thought.  Following my Love’s 7-month deployment, he came straight home as soon as he could.  The stars even aligned and it just so happened to be over my spring break (Thank you Navy!).  It was… Continue reading The Last Homecoming

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Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

One more month of deployment has past.  Honestly it feels like this deployment has flown by, which I’m very thankful for.  But I know that these last few weeks are going to drag on just because I’m excited for his homecoming. Entry: Hey Honey! Today you’ve been gone for exactly 6 months.  And a long… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: 6 Months Down

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Deployment Diaries: Dreaming of You

As many of you know, one of my deployment goals is to write to my Love at least every other day while he’s deployed.  I’ve been successful in this goal for the most part.  Every now and then I’ll miss a day, but other days I practically write a novel to him.  It all balances… Continue reading Deployment Diaries: Dreaming of You

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Homesick for the Holidays

At some point in a long distance military relationship, you will find that what you’ve always considered home, is no longer home.  Stay with me, I’ll explain… After spending months apart due to duty, underways, deployments, or life in general, home becomes wherever that other person may be.  For me, Home is currently halfway around the… Continue reading Homesick for the Holidays

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Sending My Love a White Christmas

As with last year, my Love is spending this Christmas a long way from home.  So I will be sending him a “white Christmas” of sorts so he can still feel close to home for the holidays.  Now, since he is deployed, and I don’t really trust USPS to deliver expensive items, I have saved… Continue reading Sending My Love a White Christmas