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Deployment Goal Update: Half Marathon!

Just about a year ago, I was anticipating my Love’s second deployment.  As you know, to prepare for that, I made some deployment goals.  One of which was to complete a half marathon.  This goal had kept me plenty busy throughout the school year, because student teaching wasn’t crazy enough.  My best friend, became my… Continue reading Deployment Goal Update: Half Marathon!

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Deployment Goal Update: The Glow Run

On Friday I completed my third 5k!  I have done two color runs before, but this one was a glow run!  My best friend who has been training for the half marathon with me joined me for this race (which was her first).  It was hosted in the evening, and we were given plenty of… Continue reading Deployment Goal Update: The Glow Run

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I’ll Make a Runner Out of You | How I Became a Runner

Becoming a runner when you’ve never been anything but a cheerleader can be quite the feat, but I have managed to stick with my running goal thus far.  My friend and I finally decided on the half marathon we’ll do, and even decided to run a 10k a few months before the half to make… Continue reading I’ll Make a Runner Out of You | How I Became a Runner

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Moment #11| The Color Run

Moment #11 happened this weekend!  I participated in my second 5k Color Run! This was another fun community activity (and a healthy one!) that benefited a great cause – The United Way Organization.  So although it was pricey ($70 for my mom and I to participate), that money will be helping others so it was worth… Continue reading Moment #11| The Color Run