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Flying Solo Part II

Honestly, I’m still amazed that I flew across the country by myself!  The entire process was much easier than I expected.  For some reason, my biggest fear was somehow ending up on the wrong flight… thankfully, that honestly can’t really happen because the attendants swipe your boarding pass for various different reasons making sure you’re… Continue reading Flying Solo Part II

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Traveling to See My Love | Blog Break

Just a quick reminder that I will be traveling to visit my Love.  It has been 222 days far too long! With that said, I will be giving him my undivided attention.  I am not bringing my laptop, or other blogging devices.  So I will not be blogging until I return.  If you want to… Continue reading Traveling to See My Love | Blog Break

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From Frienemies to MILSO Sisters

Recently I saw that one of my Facebook Friends was able to see her own military man in the same city that I’ll be visiting my Love soon.  This is one of those Facebook friends that I’m not really friends with.  I mean we went to school together, but we were never close (honestly, we… Continue reading From Frienemies to MILSO Sisters

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What to do When Days Start to Drag | Counting Down with Moments

Luckily, I am about a month away from seeing my Love!  However, it’s at this point where the days just seem to drag on.  So instead of counting down the days like usual, I am going to countdown the moments between now and our Here’s my list of Moments: Register for Fall Courses This is… Continue reading What to do When Days Start to Drag | Counting Down with Moments